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Online Pet Connections, ask us!  Pet Sitter? Kennel? Cattery? Dog Trainer?

Homely Petz

Since 2007 Homely Petz has been providing professiional pet care online connections.  A British-managed team with members from England, South Africa, India, Argentina, Ireland, Scotland and America.  Dedicated pet professionals providing first class care to domestic pets in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras al Khaimah.


Home Pet Care is the least stressful way of looking after your pet whilst you are away.  Dogs and cats thrive best when in a familiar environment with known scents and sights around them.  


Homely Petz services:


Pet Vacation Care (pet sitting)

Professional Dog Walking

Puppy Sitting

Homely Helpz Maid Support (live-in maid, sponsored, 24/7 support)

Small Animal Care (rodents/birds/reptiles)

Special Needs Pet Care

Veterinary support visit

Dog Training and Behaviour (including residential dog training)

Online Pet Shop



Recognising the need for more canine support in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the Dog Training section of Homely Petz has developed into a large area of the business. Constantly striving to be informed of new methods and techniques around the world.  Our ethos of training in the home and surrounding area is in keeping with modern training methods around the world.


If you are a certified dog trainer and wish to enquire about joining the team please contact us.



Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms.  ~George Eliot